About us

About us

Multi-Systems Engineering Company "MENC" was incorporated in Cairo, Egypt under the laws of 1993.

MENC's mission is to establish itself in the market of test and measurement.

The main activity elected came as a capitalization on expertise and long-time experience acquired by its owners in this field over years in this field over years of service in Egyptian Armed Forces.

A fundamental, Part of MENC mission statement was to service the needs of the various technological, engineering organizations and companies through a professional conceptual service, supply, implementation and support of fully integrated, multidisciplinary solutions covering whole spectrum of needs the users. To meet these requirements that work MENC aligned with the user personnel reaching an integral system adaptable to the needs and future anticipated requirements of the customer.

This implied an alliance with the major suppliers of test and measurements instruments ranging from very simplistic measuring instruments, to complex and sophisticated systems that fulfill larger and

more elaborate services. MENC provides calibration services to clients through a contract with Egyptian Army calibration laboratory who has a secondary transfer and secondary reference calibration levels. This Laboratory is traceable to the US Army standard Laboratory in Huntsville, Alabama.

Recognizing the new area of technology convergence and spread, MENC extended its activities and services to the telecom and IT industries.

Creating a special unit that services and supplies these industries with all their needs and coping with all their needs and coping with modern technologies especially in the networks domain. MENC, with newly operating Telecom &It business unit is geared and ready to service all Network activities either private or public and is expanding its teams to cope with a growing and upcoming market. The targets therein are of dual serviceability and benefit since our contacts can take of our services directly and our partners can service the customers and get supplied by our vendors.

MENC, in recognition of all these benefits and potential has assembled a team of experienced and knowledgeable persons to fill these and attain a standard that secures the Maximum penetration of these markets. Our total number of employees is 25, 13 of which have engineering degree.

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