Fluke FLK-IRR1-SOL Solar Irradiance Meter


Product overview: Fluke FLK-IRR1-SOL Solar Irradiance Meter

If you’re surveying, installing, executing maintenance or checking performance of solar panels or a photovoltaic system, the Fluke IRR1-SOL Irradiance Meter gives you the 4 critical measurements needed all in one easy-to-use tool. Make instantaneous measurements to determine the watt per square meter solar irradiation, required by IEC 62446-1 standard. Measure temperature by either placing the meter directly on the panel or by connecting the external probe. Find cardinal direction with the compass, and verify inclination of a roof or panel with the tilit function. Get all the critical photovoltaic measurements needed to install, verify and report on the performance of a photovoltaic system in one instrument.